Brand new fashion dongxuemeng box mini bluetooth speaker wireless DIY animation portable speaker

Brand new fashion dongxuemeng box mini bluetooth speaker wireless DIY animation portable speaker

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Description :

Magic M Box is an unimaginable Smart Bluetooth Speaker. It is not only a Bluetooth Speaker,but also a light ,with a led display, an alarm clock and an imagination panel.  Join us now ! Let music and light stimulate your imagination.


Feature :
 Alarm : set your favorite music and lights .
 Led :  create a comfortable atmosphere .
System : link a community notification.
quality  :  adopt handsfree Bluetooth speakers. listening to music not miss important calls.
Led panel : choose and create patterns you like .

Specification :

Size 122*122*86 mm
Weight 300g
Output Power 3W
Frequency response 20Hz 20KHz,-22.5dB +11.1dB
SNR 95dB
Playing duration 3-5 hours
Battery capacity 2200mAh
Charging duration 2-3hours
Charging voltage DC-5V
Bluetooth version 3.0 
Transmission distance 15m
Package Includes :

1 x Magic m box    
1 x USB charging cable

Function Tip :
1 Power switch                    2 Short Volume -  / Long up
3 Short Volume+  / Long down       4 Led light transforming
5 Micro USB Charging jack          6 Reset button
Operate instructions :
For Apple phone
1, Download free APP“Magic M Box” from APP store.
2, Turn on Bluetooth Speaker ,using your phone and tablet to pair with Magic M Box After opening Bluetooth function . If it is IOS system , you need open APP and pair with the second time when you use it .
For Android phone
1, Domestic clients , please visit the official website  to download. 
2, Foreign clients , please visit the official website    to download.

You can use Magic M Box to achieve below function :
Link Bluetooth to play music.
Select songs from iTunes, Adjust the volume.
Choose the pattern from Gallery to show .
Design Individual pattern by yourself .
Set the alarm by your favorite music and light .
Inform updating the information of Social APP .
Answer / hang up the phone.
Press the power button to answer the call when calling.
Or long press the power button refuse to answer
Press the power button to answer the call during calling.
You can switch other Bluetooth by below steps :
1, Delete connected Magic M Box in the previous Bluetooth devices.
2, Appear a Bluetooth logo on LED display panel
3, Search on the new equipment and pair with Magic M Box .
How to charge :
Using supplied charging cable directly connected to a computer or USB charger . It need be charged 3-4 hours due to different USB charger .
“Note” Press the power button lightly , LED screen can display the current battery level.
LED effect :
Press the LED light’s switch button to switch different effects.
Search for "MAGIC M box" App to use the more function of Magic M Box on the phone and tablet.

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